Why Invest?

In a website with no traffic?
In a video with no views?
In ads with no results?


Branding starts when advertising is measured

View Rate

Cost per true view = content + broadcast

Mobile is the Future of Local

The fastest & the simplest way to reach your ideal market while avoiding all waste can only be delivered by Local Mobile Ads.

You can't recommend yourself

Every business & agency must acknowledge the fact that no matter how hard you blow your own trumpet, it will not deliver results.

You can't buy fans

Customers today are very sophiticated and very well informed. The only way to win their hearts is through entertaining with Values!

Tapouts are delivered on Touchscreen cross devices. 90% of all online users today check their search & social news feeds on a touchscreen device at-least 21 times a day. Most popular networks are Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn Etc

Cross Device Social is the Future

100% Cross Device Ready

Once you decide to invest in Tapouts from that point on you will never worry about investing your money in website building, social media strategy, as all these costs will be absorbed within the EcoSystem.                                                                         

Digital content Included

100% Static Content Ready

Tapouts are all about great content as our brain responds better to communication that involves Audio and Visual stimuli. Great content improve view rate, brand recall and helps the customer create Brand associations for the future when they have a need.

Improve Brand Recall

100% Dynamic Content Ready

Tapouts EcoSystem can offer 100% integration with any offline media broadcast campaign which is non measurable like, TV, Radio or newspaper by broadcasting 1 Tapout for each £1 of media booking done via “Tapouts Online” globally.                                 

Offline Media Integration

100% Measurable

Tapouts deliver automated local SEO as it’s an independent third party network administrating the promotion via social networks. Tapouts ensure that every ideal prospects in the target location are engaged in the shortest timescales.

Fastest Local Reach

100% Local Ready

Tapouts are delivered when viewed. Its the only true view system available within the online, digital & content marketing world that combines the cost of content creation, broadcasting & analytics while reducing the marketing view rate by 50%.

Pay Per View

100% ROI

Tapouts EcoSystem offer the combined flexibility and capability of multiple search & social networks. You are not restricted to deliver a certain volume on each network and still can target your prospects based on multiple demographics.

Flexible Targeting

100% Targeted

Tapouts Ecosystem loves our planet’s ecosystem & this is why the planet will love the Tapouts ecosystem. Its the greenest way to promote anything locally today and increase awareness. Perfect for organisations also concerned about CSR.

Good for the environment

100% Green