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Why choose Tapouts SEO services company in Toronto

Touchscreen digital marketing- Touch screen technology is in boom, ranging from cell phones to fast food chains to super market checkouts. Today 90% of the world is online on a touchscreen device. Tapouts is an advertising strategy for all touchscreen devices from what’s local today. At Tapouts we have emerged to be dominant and consistent across the world with Touchscreen Engagement. Our touchscreen ads technology provides an open and trusted environment to you to engage your users across Touchscreen Devices. We are the best in advertising strategy for a Touchscreen Economy.

Define your Radar- We at Tapouts analyze every aspect of your business in detail. We research past activities and current trends, analyze marketing view rate and best social networks,define market sizeand key characteristics, build an action plan, set expectations and define how to tackle responses of your clients. We are the best SEO company in Toronto because we have an insight about user search patterns/behaviours and likewise we implement a strategy for maximum on-page and off-page optimization.

Create Tapout- Tapouts is regarded as the top SEO company in Toronto. We work on the strategy of content localization which allows us to enter new markets more rapidly. We translate and adapt your content and marketing materials to engage the local audience. Based on this we prepare a responsive website, landing pages and the right social media content. The next step involves distributing the content through scripts and storyboards and finally broadcasting the prepared content. Before broadcasting the content, we recheck and ensure that the client approves everything.

Drive Engagement- Tapouts knows the importance of user engagement. Knowing your customer engagement metrics helps us improve your search rankings, we attract visitors from search engines and help active users convert into your customers.

Market leader- As one of the most professional SEO services in Toronto, Tapouts helps you become a market leader in your business.Tapouts is a result-oriented SEO agency in Toronto designed to penetrate all search, social and display networks to create an integrated result-driven solution that establishes you as a nationwide contender.


Marketing isn’t just billboards and TV ads anymore. Internet has taken the marketing sector by storm and is used as a primary source for gathering information by the customers. SEO has to be a part of your marketing strategy to boost your business to higher levels.

SEO is not an entitlement program. It is an ongoing long-term investment that must be resourced properly for gaining optimal results. It is not built on quick wins. The mantra is “Slow and Steady wins the SEO race”. It usually takes around 4 to 6 months for websites to see results. Criteria such that competition, inbound links and content play a major role on how long your SEO will take to get results.

Search engine optimization without the best tools is like doing brain surgery with a hammer. Tapouts is your best tool to increase the quality and quantity of traffic and also improve user experience and usability. It is our job at Tapouts to genetically engineer your website to improve your search rankings.
We at Tapouts don’t just build links. We build relationships.As a top SEO agency in Toronto, we partner with stalwarts like Apple, BMW, Mercedes, Samsung, Amazon and eBay to name a few. As one of the best SEO services in Toronto, Tapouts combines with Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest marketing to help you set trends and connect your brand with the right audience.
Our Touchscreen ads is an exclusive digital agency which delivers innovative results. We promote content ready mobile ads via social and search networks on all touchscreen devices targeted locations.We at Tapouts combine the power of Search Ads, Social Ads and Remarketing Ads optimized by unique and powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning process to drive better online traffic and performance.