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On Page and Off Page Optimization

After having a detailed website audit, we strategize the on-page and off-page activities as per your needs and requirements. Our driven by tapouts strategy is always directed towards the persistent and long term effects. We don’t indulge ourselves in fly by night techniques.

Keyword & Market Research

One thing that makes us deliver results which matters for our clients as an SEO Company is our practice of always making decisions on rational explanations rather than following any impulses. We do extensive research on your market, audience, services and products and based on that suggest you the apposite keywords

Constant Evolution

Believing in the theory of Charles Darwin, we constantly advance ourselves so that we remain the fittest not only to survive but to grow as well. We review and analyze each of our actions continually and keep ourselves in line with Google latest updates and regularly enhancing competitive terrain.

Launch Your Business with tapouts

tapouts works for all businesses in the same way irrespective of size. Start building your brand with tapouts and increase your customer base.

Get More Traffic

Go beyond the box standard approach with tapouts, the best PPC Company, and boost the traffic on your website.

Get More Conversions

Through tapouts, by being able to appear in front of the relevant and targeted audience, get conversions which makes a difference.

Get More Sales

What is the point of having conversions, if they don’t turn up the sales? With tapouts, now focus on increasing the sales because we know it matters!

What Make us

Different from other
Digital Marketing Company

tapouts, is a Unique Digital Marketing Ecosystem strategy which aims to shift the focus from Activity to Results in all forms of Digital Marketing. We are the only marketing system of its kind which is 100% results driven irrespective of Size of the Business or its Industry. In other words if we cant get the results for you then we will not accept your project to start with as we dont believe in wasting a single minute. For us Time is the most essential commodity and hence we dont believe in wasting even a single second. Its these Values that differentiate us from the rest

100% Results Based

We only grow when you grow and our focus is a partnership with our clients which can only be Results Driven

Lowest Price Guarantee

Our Hybrid AI technology focused on reducing Marketing Wastage and drives efficiency in all stages of the marketing funnel


We understand the importance of a personal touch and that is why we provide a dedicated account manager for better coordination


Our daily, weekly & monthly updates help you to track progress of your website and what is planned for coming months


tapouts - Touchscreen Ads

Content ready mobile ads promoted via
social and search networks on all touchscreen devices targeted locations.

Video Ads & Branding

All video production is already included as part of all packages as they are designed to deliver local branding.

Social Media Optimisation

The required social channels as per the package selected are optimised to position your Brand and drive results.

Search Engine Optimisation

tapouts are the best in class strategy to deliver organic rank and traffic growth for your Business ORM Strategy

Facebook SEO

tapouts combined with Facebook SEO will drive better results and connect your Brand with your best Fans.

Google SEO

tapouts combined with Google SEO will drive better ranking and ensure high quality organic traffic.

Twitter SEO

tapouts combined with Twitter SEO will help you set trends and connect your Brand with right followers.

LinkedIn SEO

tapouts combined with LinkedIn SEO will deliver better results from your B2B social strategy.


tapouts combined with Instagram SEO will help you set trends and connect your Brand with right followers.

Local SEO

tapouts ensure auto uplift to your Local search rank managed via Google search & maps and ensure search rank growth.

Snapchat SEO

tapouts combined with Snapchat SEO will help you set trends new & you with right followers.

Pinterest SEO

tapouts combined with Pinterest SEO will help you set trends and connect your Brand with right followers.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Complete setup of Social and Search networks and tracking of keyword performance as per package selected.

Keywords & Brand Traffic

For all online marketing its is essential for a buisiness to know what is the source of all traffic.

Competitor Tracking

Gain complete insights into your competitors activity to learn how far or ahead you are in your market place.

Online Marketing Plan

Finally a clearly laid out step by step guide to building a successful, target driven online marketing strategy.