Our first step while handling your PPC is to do extensive research on your market and targeted audience. We make your ads appear on your preferred advertising platforms, thus saving your time, resources and catering you only the quality leads. After having in-depth knowledge about your consumer base, we move on to the next phase.

Boost Website Traffic

We design the ads in such a way that it appears to the potential audiences to enhance your business growth. What makes us deliver the best PPC strategy is the fact that the ads designed by us are rational and are not based on the whims. With a clear objective in our minds, the traffic gets boosted on the website. But, we don’t just stop there with the PPC process.


At tapouts, we believe in consistent performance. We want you to retain the position that we have managed to offer you after so much hard work. Therefore, we do a periodical analysis of the ads that we create and update them regularly for achieving the desired results.

Paid Search Advertising (Google Ads)

Let your webpage rank top in Google search engines with our advanced paid search advertising service.

It is a paid advertisement, where all initiatives for the PPC campaign, starting from landing page outline, specific keywords and advanced conversion tracking, will be taken care of.

Our professionals are well-trained in Google Ads and will help your business to get benefit with maximum ROI. This technique helps to drive more traffic to your landing page in the fastest possible way.

We also take immense pleasure to keep you updated with our monthly report with propositions for future developments.

App Advertising | Pay Per Install

Find your potential customers via Social Media Application advertising. Adopting this technique is the smart choice to reach out to potential audiences in less time. Our professionals will provide the perfect message to improve your business branding. App Advertisement and Pay Per install both are interrelated – you have to decide on the amount you are willing to pay for per installation of the application and the targeted audience. A pop up will appear to the users with the request to install the app and will be redirected to the store compatible with their devices..

1. Facebook Application is the best choice as you can reach more people in less time. We will work together to choose the best images and content for promoting your business application. We can also restrict the operating systems on which the ads will be compatible.
2. Twitter Application is also a great choice as cards can generate with relevant tweets and images along with a pop up for installation.

We can also use Google and YouTube Applications for advertisement. In this case, we will target the audiences, who are looking for content based on specific keywords like 'Top Free Apps'. Using Google's Display Network, we would decide on the websites and applications that are more appropriate to the targeted audience. A pop up for calls to action will appear to the users. Another advantage of using the YouTube App is that you can promote your app by putting some videos with engaging content related to your service. As far as App Advertising | Pay Per Install is concerned, it depends on the type of applications and cost per install you opt for. So, reach out to us for further information. We will help you in ppc services with incredible solutions for what should be done in order to achieve the optimum results.


With our Remarketing service, you can regain the business that you have once mislaid. We, at tapouts, offer you two different Re-marketing techniques - Google AdWords & Facebook. Google AdWord helps to reach past customers using Google Display Network along with relevant text or images. Remarketing campaigns are performed via video ads on YouTube. When Facebook Remarketing comes, we reach out to the previous users by using the sponsored advertisement.

Tapouts as an advertising agency in London and Delhi NCR takes pride in offering its well-esteemed customers the best effective Remarketing campaigns. Get in touch with us if you want to target your previous visitors.

PPC Audit

Pay Per Click campaigns work effectively only with the regular conduct of PPC audits. This is how our experts examine your account to locate the areas that require further improvement. The mistakes detected during this audit include inappropriate landing page, poor ads copy, wrongly display of networks and so on. All these loopholes are taken care of by our professionals to make your ppc services campaigns successful at competitive rates.

Start-Up PPC

A lot of hard work is put in to start a new venture. All efforts go in vain when businesses are unable to drive maximum audiences. Our PPC experts are well skilled and have experiences in working for start-up industries online and technical and also brick and mortar commercials.

Specific tools are used for Start-up businesses to make your business grow in the fastest possible way. Implementing PPC campaigns via social media platforms like LinkedIn, Bing, Google and Facebook within specific areas to target potential visitors at a profitable pay per click, would be the smart choice. However, techniques used each PPC advertising depends on the types of businesses and audit results. So, connect with us, if you want useful advice on your start-up journey. We will offer your best possible way outs for making money through your businesses.

Display Advertising

If you go by the phrase 'Display Advertising', it is a way of publicising a product or a service using relevant images or videos published on platforms like Facebook and Google Display Networks. It is the easiest way to drive more visitors to a platform or website using ads in the form of texts or banners. These ads inspire the users to click through to the webpage for a specific action.

Great for raising brand awareness, this technique works great for digital marketing and also ensures a good response for PPC campaigns. We also welcome our clients' opinion for texts, videos or banners ads. If you have made up your mind to avail this service, please approach us. Our professionals will assist you in every step for the best result.

Multilingual PPC

Initiating a multilingual PPC is not a simple task as it seems to be with the Google translator. It results in the expansion of business ads campaigns into international markets. Though, keywords and character limits need special attention as they vary with the languages. We, at Tapouts, have a trusted team of professionals, along with a network of committed partners, to serve your business purpose in Multilingual PPC.

In this campaign, our focus is to localise the ads precisely by our local professionals to ensure that correct information reaches the targeted audiences. So, give us a buzz if you want your business to get an international approach. Our vast network of trusted partners works hard to ensure that native approaches are maintained to get your best-desired result.

Google Shopping

Also known as Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping Ads is an effective method of increasing the visibility of your business. Widely appreciated by the e-commerce industry, this campaign helps the entrepreneurs to drive more customers as the ads appear at the top of the search result.

For this ad, more emphasis is on the product title, image and the cost. This process has proven to be a first-rated option for getting maximum ROI. Connect with us, if you are willing to avail this service. Our experts will take care of your service, starting from creating exciting product feeds, building campaigns to boosting your existing PPC accounts.

YouTube TrueView Advertising

Meet new customers with this YouTube Advertising. YouTube is the second largest search engine and will reach your message to the customer in a faster way. Videos of more than 100 hours are uploaded on this platform, every minute. And users watch billions of videos every month. Whether at home or at work or on the go, YouTube can be accessed from anywhere. All you need to do is pay for ads when it is watched for a specific period by the users. Youtube TrueView Advertising comes in two different formats – In-Stream & In-Display.

In-Stream Format
Ads are played before the beginning of the videos and are charged depending on per view.
If users watch the ads for 30 seconds, then it will be charged otherwise not.
Charge amounts between 3p -10p.
No extra cost charged when clicked through websites.

In-Display Format

Ads are played after the end of the videos and are charged based on per view.
Clicking an ad will be charged.
Charge amounts between 10p – 30p.
No extra cost charged when clicked through websites. Tapout offers this service at cost-effective prices. If you want to opt for this service, get in touch with us!

Apple Search Ads

Like other paid search ads, Apple Search Ads also help you drive more traffic to your website. Business owners can have their ads present at the top of the search result, which makes the competition tougher. PPC campaigns are conducted with rich keywords and ad groups, while the Ads are charged on a per tap (CPT) basis. The most interesting fact about this ad service is that UK, US and European clients are targeted easily.

Our experts ensure that your app ads work effectively and maximum downloads occur so that you can concentrate on the other areas of your business development. So, reach out to us, if you are looking for an efficient PPC campaign.

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Content ready mobile PPC promoted via
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Content Ready

tapouts  Include the cost of producing all web and display network content as required to drive quality traffic at scale and drive social & search traffic.


Search & Social Ready

tapouts  are deployed across entire search networks & social newsfeeds hence we ensure the search content & social strategy is optimised.


Local Ready

tapouts  are deployed in carefully targeted location hence we ensure the content is localised to deliver perfromance with geotargeted locations.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

tapouts  for PPC are the best in class strategy to drive quality traffic & online sales performance from desktop users.


Google PPC

tapouts  for PPC are deployed across Google search network to drive performance and deliver instant ROI.


Facebook PPC

tapouts  for PPC can be deployed across Facebook newsfeeds to create awareness and deliver branding at scale.


Pay Per Tap (PPT)

tapouts  for PPC are the best in class strategy to drive quality traffic & online sales performance from mobile users.

Youtube + Google Adwords

YouTube PPC (TrueView))

tapouts  for PPC can be deployed across YouTube to create awareness and deliver branding at scale.


Re-Marketing PPC

tapouts  for PPC combine the strength on Re-Marketing and using machine learning and AI drive converting traffic.


Twitter PPC

tapouts  for PPC can be deployed across Twitter newsfeeds to create trends and deliver branding at scale.


Instagram PPC

tapouts  for PPC can be deployed across Instagram newsfeeds to create awareness and deliver branding at scale.


LinkedIn PPC

tapouts  for PPC can be deployed across LinkedIn newsfeeds to create awareness and deliver branding at scale.


Online PR at Scale

tapouts  for PPC can be distributed across PR Newswire create awareness and deliver branding at scale.


Snapchat PPC

tapouts  for PPC can be deployed across Snapchat newsfeeds to create awareness and deliver branding at scale.


Pinterest PPC

tapouts  for PPC can be deployed across Pinterest newsfeeds to create awareness and deliver branding at scale.