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With more than 800 million monthly active users, Instagram has enormous potential in skyrocketing your online venture. Various active Instagram influencers with their millions of followers can take your business to a new height. With our powerful Instagram marketing tips, you can grow your audience like a pro. If you are a start-up, we can guide you on how to use the platform professionally to increase your sales. If you want to harness the true potential of Instagram, you must post relevant content to attract the maximum audience to your business page.

Benefits of Instagram Marketing

Improve First Impression of Your Business Page

On Instagram, it’s pretty seamless to target your audience, which will help you enhance your brand reputation. In this time if you want to minimize your competition, an Instagram business account is a must. You can attract more buyers with your visual business content which will help them make their buying decisions. Besides, it is a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Increase More Traffic

To attract more potential followers, you can mention your website link on the Instagram page bio. Audiences with purchasing mentality can visit your website if you can convince them with the brand-centric content. Instagram marketing also helps in improving your page ranking by optimizing your social media credentials.

Enhance Brand Reputation

If you know how to channelize the content of your business page gradually, you can grow your brand reputation with the help of Instagram Marketing. Instagram has made its app quite business-friendly over the last few years. It will allow you to select your target audience with specific filters like location, age, interest, demographic behaviour etc.

Create special Bond With Influencers

On Instagram, you can connect with famous influencers who are backed by millions of followers and make them work for your brand. With a proper influencer marketing strategy, you can make Instagram people talk about your brand overnight, which would be a matter of costly affair otherwise.

Create Loyal Customer-base

If multiple famous influencers recommend your brand, you will certainly create a loyal follower base. By hosting contents and/or giveaways you can organically grow your followers. So, if you have a better understanding of your demographic, Instagram marketing can be a vital part of your social media marketing strategy.

Types of Instagram Advertising

Photo ad

If you have a fair idea about your target audience, you can promote your business page to create more traction. It will appear on the news feed of your target audience so that your page will get more visibility on Instagram. It will allow the audience to directly go to your website or e-store of the brand from where they can purchase the products.

Promoted Post/Sponsored ad

You can also promote a single post on Instagram and add a similar feature just like the purchase link etc. which allow the brands to sell their products to potential customers directly. It will increase the overall engagement for your business, both online and offline. So, if you are looking for the best in business Instagram marketing strategy, let our experts help you!


Improvement in Brand Recall


Cost Saving


Day Turnaround


Return on Investment

Local Awareness 82%
Website Traffic 57%
Video Views 100%
Virality Factor 73%

The Results

So far, 4.4 million tapouts have been broadcast for our clients, and we are thrilled, just like our clients, with our achievements. We always ask our clients, and they agree as well with 3 essential facts about the basics of online marketing and they are:

  • why invest in Promotion without Branding?
  • Why invest in a website with no traffic?
  • Why invest in a video with no views?