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Omnichannel Brand Impact

tapouts DDOCX Algorithm enables any team to enhance Brand impact and engage new prospects across the entire spectrum of the Brand engagement funnel by deploying data driven customer journeys.

Omnichannel Customer Segemntation

tapouts DDOCX Algorithm ensures the correct customer personas are targeted based on predictive propensity modelling. We study customer behaviours, affinity & value and combine it with Channel & Content affinity MAPs to deliver relevant visibility.

Launch your Business with tapouts

tapouts works for all businesses in the same way irrespective of size. Start building your brand with tapouts and increase your customer base.

Drive Reach.

Drive richer and meanigful experiences for your customers by deploying tapouts. Insights combined with DDOCX Algorithm from 2 billion shopper activities delivers the right awareness.

Gather Intelligence.

Gain access to the most extensive Business knowledge library built by millions of actual trade transactions daily across multiple digital networks and information exchanges.

Improve Visibility.

Drive highly relevant visibility to a targeted audience powered by the tapouts DDOCX Algorithm combined with millions of omnichannel intent insights.