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Step 1 Define your RADAR

  • Research Past Activities & Current Trends
  • Analyze Marketing View Rate & Best social networks
  • Data & Demographics Define Market Size & Key characteristics
  • Aggregate & Action Plan Build a plan
  • Results Set Expectations
  • Reactions Define how to tackle responses.

Step 2 Create Tapout

  • Localise Content Understand the values & entertainment for the ideal market.
  • Get Cross-Device Ready Prepare Responsive wesbite & Landing Pages as required.
  • #Trendsetting Start creating the right social content
  • Distribution Content Production Develop Scripts & Storyboard
  • Prepare tapouts Prepare broadcast content & get ready for broadcast.
  • Check Everything Make sure the client approves everything again at this stage.

Step 3 Define your RADAR

  • Integrate The required offline media like, TV, Radio & Newspapers as per requirments of the project defined while Building the RADAR.
  • Broadcast Start deploying the tapouts among the chosen newsfeeds on the selected social network as agreed in stage 1 & 2.
  • Learn Measuring the engagement of your Brand through advertising is the key behind learning how to improve its impact on an ongoing basis


Million tapouts


Million Taps





Versatile Content OptionsThere are no restrictions for the kind of content required for any channel.Our System produces the content to deliver results within your budgets.

Live Content

Facebook Live is perfect for just about anything.

Local Real Content

Ideal for local awareness building

Animation Content

Ideal for explaining local services