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tapouts ecosystem is a fully integrated Recommendation, Digital Marketing & Re-marketing network which targets customers across all relevant channels. Through the access of the our networks and combining it with the power of DNA, we are able to deliver 10x growth from digital marketing spend of any size. We enable you to create & distribute all required marketing content online and drive sales performance.

Reputation Management + Performance Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing EcoSystem

  • Social & Search Integrated Solution

    From Social newsfeeds Branding to Improved Search Engine Visibility

  • Multi Device Solution

    Targeting right devices ensure the right customer in right location.

  • Reputation Management & Performance Marketing

    Agile Online content & Integrated Performance Marketing


Improvement in Brand Recall


Cost Saving


Day Turnaround


Return on Investment

Local Awareness 82%
Website Traffic 57%
Video Views 100%
Virality Factor 73%

The Results

So far 4.4 million tapouts have been Broadcasted for our clients and we are thrilled just like our clients with the achievements. We always ask our clients and they agree as well with 3 basic facts about the basics on online marketing and they are:

  • why invest in Promotion without Branding?
  • Why invest in a website with no traffic?
  • Why invest in a video with no views?