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Omnichannel Visibility

tapouts DDOCX algorithm allows you to improve visibility amongst high propensity target audiences. Doing so imrpoves ROI by 10x. The system enables the highest levels of customer engagements and innovative customer experiences.

Omnichannel Interests

tapouts DDOCX algorithm enables the optimisation of omnichannel content & its deployment across the omnichannel network. This enables the system to predict interest generation based on behavioural data or your custom audiences.

Omnichannel Engagements

Understand what resonates with you customers at the grass root level is key to converting customers to advocates. tapouts DDOCX algorithm enables engagement based on audience interest insights.

Launch your Business with tapouts

tapouts works for all businesses in a unique way and irrespective of size, it drives growth. Start building today with tapouts and increase your customer base.

Drive Reach.

Drive new & innovative experiences for your customers by deploying tapouts. Insights combined with DDOCX algorithm from 2 billion shopper activities delivers growth.

Gather Intelligence.

Enable the most extensive DDOCX knowledge library built by millions of actual transactions across multiple networks and exchanges.

Omnichannel Experiences.

Drive Omnichannel visibility to a target audience. tapouts DDOCX algorithm is a catalyst for innovation in creating new customer experiences.