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There are four essential parts of a successful content marketing campaign. These are as follows:

  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Outreach & Digital PR

What is content strategy?

Content strategy concerns itself with planning and creating content. Not only that, but content strategy is also involved in delivery and governance as well.

Content includes in its scope all of the images and other types of multimedia material found in your website. It does not refer to written articles or copy alone.

If the content is structured correctly and is useful and usable, it helps in UX or user experience too. Ideally, a user can come across the relevant content pieces with relative ease.


Why do you need a content strategy?

A well-devised content marketing strategy is beneficial in the following ways:

1. It helps to establish your thought leadership

In many areas, there is little actual difference in the products and services offered by competing companies. What gives you the real competitive advantage in such cases is a thought leader in your industry.

This position needs to be built and backed by suitable content. The exact form may vary from case to case as content marketing is by no means a one-size-fits-all solution.

2. It assists in link building.

When you can come up with content that truly sets the standard for others to follow, inbound links to your site is the natural result. The more the domain authority websites link to your content, the more Google thinks that you are an industry expert.

Consistency of acquiring quality backlinks are hugely beneficial for ranking high for particular search terms or keywords. So, you need to emphasize the quality and not just the quantity of content you put out there on the web.

3. It enhances visibility for your brand.

Like it or not, Google is most probably the place people are likely to come across your business as well as a personal brand.

It is helpful in such a scenario to keep your website optimized for search engines. At the same time, the content should complement your efforts at addressing the pain points of your customer.

SEO is a must for brand visibility, and useful content only serves to bolster your SEO efforts.

4. Generate leads

Blogs are, no doubt, a critical piece in the content marketing jigsaw puzzle. Think of it as a beginning and not an end for your content strategy.

You must convert those anonymous visitors to your site into genuine, qualified leads. One way to achieve this is by requiring contact information in exchange for access to quality and useful content.

Remember, the visitor is likely to be hesitant in sharing the information. So, the content you offer must be worth it!


Why Choose Us?

The following winning qualities characterize our content strategy:

  • Defined target market and buyer personas
  • Results-driven content strategy
  • Consistently coming out with quality content
  • Easy shareability and extensive syndication
  • The emphasis of analytics and appropriate reporting
  • Constant optimization and improvisation

Editorial Planning

What is Editorial Planning?

An editorial calendar is a commonest and most significant way to exhibit editorial planning. In other words, an editorial plan is carried out by scheduling and creating an editorial calendar.

It is merely a content schedule where one maps out the content necessary to be created. It also determines the diverse channels we are going to use to deliver it and the timeline for the same.

Email, social media and blogs are just some of the channels we use to provide this content. However, it is wrong to assume that an editorial calendar consists of only publishing dates.

It maps not only the content but assigns responsibility over to the person in charge. It even states the buyers’ personas the particular content piece should target as well as the delivery methods.

Why do you need an editorial calendar?

1 It helps in regular, consistent and on-time publishing of content

2 You get an idea about your content marketing activities at a single glance

3 It gives you adequate time to build upon your content ideas

4 It helps you to ensure that all your content marketing activities are being done at tandem with each other


Why Choose Us?

We stand out in our ability to create content where:

  • Data determines the quality, not subjective views
  • Performs well in achieving marketing objectives
  • Optimized and ranks with ease
  • Outstanding CTR figures
  • Quickly engages social media viewers
  • Performs well almost on all channels


What is copywriting?

A copy can refer to any textual matter or written material used with the end of making sales or publicize a product. Due to the peculiarities of the medium, web copy has a special place reserved for it.

A web copy should be well written and compelling. It is a great tool that will help you in keeping site visitors engaged and encourage them to the desired outcomes.

A good web copywriter knows what means a lot to netizens and accordingly produces a meaningful copy. Web copy, again, can take many varied forms like posts for social media, email, online ads and product descriptions.

It maps not only the content but assigns responsibility over to the person in charge. It even states the buyers’ personas the particular content piece should target as well as the delivery methods.

Why write a compelling copy?

1 It exhibits better quality as a result of a better understanding of the business segment

2 It helps to create and maintain a brand image

3 It is indispensable for creating content driven by value

4 It will help you gain an insight into the workings of the mind of your target audience


Why Choose Us?

We create copy that is:

  • Structured logically and clearly
  • It is purposeful
  • Written according to the voice tone of the brand
  • Accessible to the reader
  • Original and innovative presentation
  • Well-balanced between word counts and quality
  • Perfect spelling and grammar

Outreach & Digital PR

What is Outreach and Digital PR?

Link-building, as found in the digital marketing landscape of today, is often referred to as Outreach and Digital PR.

In this case, the strategies formerly used in PR are applied to the digital world. As the demand for content increases, content marketers have realized the value of using PR strategies in getting links and coverage from other sites.

The end goal Outreach and Digital PR is to use creative and new strategies for your content to acquire links and coverage.

Why Practice Outreach and Digital PR?

Outreach and Digital PR can help your brand in the following ways:

1 Enhance website traffic

2 Better SEO

3 Make your brand an authority in the relevant niche

4 Generate leads and boost sales

4 Enhance the image of your brand and improve trust


Why Choose Us?

We do the following Digital PR activities:

  • Develop a Digital PR strategy as per your business goals
  • Monitor your industry media
  • Pitch relevant stories to online media
  • Conduct keyword research and develop its strategy
  • Creating content with high value
  • Create an effective plan for social media

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