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Local is what we are about as we will only deliver the most relevant & verified info around you


Our App & Content Network is built to simply deliver all the best info on your Mobile


We know you love social & hence your social newsfeed is the space we communicate with you


Finally, we know you love content & hence most of the content for your campaign may always be included.

tapouts – #touchscreenads

Tapouts is an advertising strategy for touchscreen devices from the “whats local today” network. We provide an open and trusted environment for advertisers and publishers to collaborate & engage users across Touchscreen Devices. Through The App and The Network we have access to 1.2 Billion Touchscreen device users worldwide. Its a know fact that the sum of all online activity today can be attributed to 1 key trends which have emerged to be dominant & consistent across the world with is Touchscreen Engagement. Today 90% of the world is online on a Touchscreen device. More than 60% of users are searching for local information around them respectively. Hence Tapouts are the best in class advertising strategy for a Touchscreen Economy. 

  • #Touchscreen Users 90%
  • #Local Searches 60%
  • #Social Engagements 70%
  • #Video Views 55%