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New Customer ExperiencesOmnichannel customer journeys

Our vision is to enable everyone to do basic marketing right. tapouts target the right customer with the right message via the right channel at the right time. Google became mainstream in 2004, 1st iPhone was launched in 2007 and Facebook reached 1 Billion in 2012. tapouts results improved through millions of Trends, interactions, Personas, Content, Channels and networks combined with an omnichannel plan.

Omnichannel Customer Experiences

We enable you to target the right message at the right time to the right audience and drive growth across Omnichannel networks. With the number of channels evolving faster than ever the current approach is redundant. To plan & deploy with stealth a new kind of thinking is required. A plan that converges everything into a singular funnel to measure effectivness across omnichannel touchpoints and deliver impact.

  • Omnichannel Search
  • Omnichannel Social
  • Omnichannel Plan

Omnichannel Reputation Management

We are being judged today every step of the way by our audiences. tapouts for reputation management enable you to ensure the information which is visible everywhere is the one which you want them to see to enable effective reputation management.

  • Omnichannel Reach
  • Omnichannel Interactions
  • Omnichannel Engagements

Omnichannel Performance Marketing

tapouts drives 10x growth in performance. It combines the power of Search, Social & Remarketing optimised by a unique algorithm which is self learning. We enable you to be able to tap into the full potential of the performance marketing opportunities.

  • Omnichannel Visibility
  • Omnichannel Interest
  • Omnichannel Conversion

Omnichannel Content Services

Content is King & With 3 Billion mobile users & 5 Billion searches happening every day on touchscreen devices, tapouts are the best in class solutions for Reputation Management, Performance Marketing & Omnichannel Marketing today.

  • Websites & Apps
  • Video & Graphics
  • Content Writing

RecommendedOmnichannel Marketing Services


Omnichannel Customer Journey

Tap into the Number 1 Trend
Drive Growth.

Video Marketing

tapouts Video marketing play a vital role in building the Brand.

Social Media Optimisation

tapouts combined with SMO is all about understanding how users interact.

Search Engine Optimisation

tapouts are the best in class strategy to deliver organic rank and traffic growth.

Facebook Management

tapouts combined with Facebook Management will drive better results and grow the Brand.

Google SEO

tapouts combined with Google SEO will drive better ranking and organic traffic.

Twitter Management

tapouts combined with Twitter will help you set trends and gain best fans.

LinkedIn Management

tapouts combined with LinkedIn will deliver better results from your B2B social.


tapouts combined with Instagram will help you set trends and grow followers.

Local SEO

tapouts combined with Local SEP ensure auto uplift to your Local search ranks.

Snapchat Management

tapouts combined with Snapchat will help you set trends new & you with right followers.

Pinterest Management

tapouts combined with Pinterest will help you set trends and grow followers.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

tapouts combined with Digital Analytics helps to understand insights from the trends.

Keywords & Brand Traffic

tapouts combined with the power of search terms is best source of traffic.

Competitor Tracking

tapouts combined with competitor insights provide you the edge over your content.

Online Marketing Plan

tapouts dashboard can help you develop a clear plan to drive 10x growth.

Rank on GOOGLE 1st Page

tapouts can also enable services that helps websites to increase organic visibility across Digital Networks.

  • 4 Billion users across the networks.
  • Customized SEO plans for every business.
  • Customised Insights Dashboard.

What Make us

Different from other
Digital Marketing Networks

tapouts are different because they are simple customer journeys. We want you to find the most successful customer journeys in the fastest time. Our purpose is to enable you to be an independent Omnichannel Marketing expert. Where required we can also connect them with services that can help them achieve their growth goals. We believe that anyone can master the creation of data driven customer experience. The key question is "Do you believe in yourself?"


Every Network User gets access to a Marketing Dashboard to Track their search & social activities.


We enable support & services to help you achieve 10x growth Guarantee and create right visiblility across all digital networks.


Paying Members can access Dedicated Success Manager who is appointed to ensure everyone is 100% satisfied.


Our simple dashboard enables you to make all the decisions to optimise Digital marketing for 10x Growth.

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